Terms and Policies

Terms and Policies


1. General considerations

If you are reading this term, you are likely to want to know our policies regarding the use of the services, or have performed some action that you did not know as possible or permitted, or are just comparing with other hostings or still want to know your and our guarantees before purchase one of our services, and in this case when you complete the purchase you will certainly have agreed with all aspects contained herein. If you do not agree with any point in our terms and policies, do not proceed. We rigorously apply all the points present here, in order to offer everyone an excellent service.

These terms of service provision can be changed in order to adapt them to the reality of the market, as well as news or changes that are the result of a segment as dynamic as technology and particularly in the case of the Internet. Therefore, it is essential to keep updated on the terms and if at any time, you do not agree with any topic that has been changed or included, check the possibility of an adaptation or even the cancellation of your services.

Grupo Criação provides hosting services and services related to it, predominantly in a shared environment, through server infrastructure in Brazil and the USA, providing hardware and software necessary for hosting the domain and the various aspects that involve hosting, domains and the Internet, not including the means and resources necessary to access the services (Internet connection and access provider, hardware and software for access).

To provide its services, the Group uses services created and maintained by it or third parties. This range of services can be found on our website and can be altered, removed or extended without prior notice due to aspects of availability, viability, market and commercial interests of Grupo Criação.

When hiring any of the services listed on our website or in person, it is necessary to check the option by which you confirm that you were aware of this term and that you agree with all aspects contained therein. You will have in it all the details on which Grupo Criação is based to provide its services, defining our rights and responsibilities and those of our users. Therefore, the reading and understanding of the content presented here is essential for everyone to enjoy the best of the services, through a harmonious, transparent relationship based on clear principles.

2. Who is it for?

• 2.1. Direct Shared Hosting Plans:

-Professionals and individuals in general;

-Micro and small companies;

-Medium and large companies, as long as the volume of hosted data and traffic is not abusive and does not conflict with our policies;

• 2.2. Creation of Sites:

-Creation of Sites in use on the Internet;

3. Registration Data and Activation

• 3.1. Your registration must be complete and the information contained therein must be accurate.

• 3.2. The registration data may be subject to confirmation and the inaccuracy or even divergence of such data, will result in the cancellation of the contracted services.

• 3.3. The main means of communication between the creation group and the client is the e-mail address. In exceptional or urgent cases or even if they are of a high severity, they may require telephone contact and, therefore, are two pieces of information that deserve more attention on your part when filling out, since they require accuracy and must always be kept up to date.

• 3.4. The impossibility of communication by Grupo Criativo, due to incorrect contact data (email and telephone) or occasional / partial use, exempts us from problems that may occur due to the impossibility of communication on our part.

• 3.5. A ativação de quaisquer serviços depende de confirmação do pagamento por parte da instituição financeira correspondente. Uma vez que tenhamos a confirmação, a ativação poderá ocorrer em até 24 horas uteis.

• 3.6. The data and information required to use the contracted services are only provided via the system and sent to the registered email address. No access data or information that involves the confidentiality of the account, is provided by chat, via phone or any other means. This involves security and confidentiality issues and so we make no exceptions.

• 3.7. Try to use an external contact email, that is, that does not use the domain you will host with us. If the domain is frozen or the account is suspended or there is any other problem related to it, you will be unable to receive our communications.

• 3.8. The first four digits of your Customer Center password may be requested to prove that you are responsible for the account you are making contact with or requesting any support.

• 3.9. You will be asked for a password when filling out the registration, which will later give you access to the Customer Center. Always use complex passwords, combining uppercase, lowercase letters, numbers and special characters. A good password must be at least 8 (eight) characters, but 14 (fourteen) is recommended.

• 3.10. The registration holder must be of legal age and have an Individual Taxpayer Registry (CPF). In the case of registration in the name of a legal entity, it is necessary to inform the CNPJ.

• 3.11. The transfer of ownership of the contracted services implies that the new registration that will assume the services, meet the same requirements as the previous one.

• 3.12. The process of transferring ownership of services must be done through a request via a call at the Help Desk, by the current holder, who must provide the new details and this register must exist.

• 3.13. The registration data is not removed when a service is canceled.

4. Content

• 4.1. Upload or share files such as Mega, Zippyshare, etc.

• 4.2. Virtual Disk or storage such as Dropbox or Google Drive, OwnCloud or Pydio.

• 4.3. Sharing files like WeTransfer.

• 4.4. Online radio.

• 4.5. URL shortening sites.

• 4.6. Transmission of video in "streaming" or "Tube" type sites.

• 4.7. Online games, download games or gaming forums.

• 4.8. Auction Sites.

• 4.9. Channels and Chat Rooms.

• 4.10. Pornographic content sites.

• 4.11. Free email.

• 4.12. Online courses (handouts, videos, etc.).

• 4.13. Discussion forums.

• 4.14. Executable files of any origin or authorship, regardless of the purpose or justification.

• 4.15. Sharing files and Peer-To-Peer networks (Torrent, Soulseek, etc.).

• 4.16. Relationship system such as Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, etc.

• 4.17. Systems for sending mass email, autoresponders or selling mailing lists.

• 4.18. Download applications / software (Baixaki, Superdownloads, etc.).

• 4.19. Sites whose content violates the Constitution of the Federative Republic of Brazil or the Civil Code.

• 4.20. Sites with outdated free platforms, such as WordPress, Joomla, etc.

5. Resource and Email Policies

• 5.1.1. The hosting plans are not intended for use as a virtual disk. Any and all files in the storage area of ​​the website must necessarily belong to the website and be indispensable for its operation. That is, it is not allowed to use the space intended for hosting to store backups of personal files or third parties, whatever their nature.

• 5.1.2. The hosting account has a limit on inodes according to the contracted plan and each file must not exceed 50MB of storage. If this limit is exceeded, files may be deleted without prior notice and the account may be deactivated from the daily backup system.

• 5.1.3. It is forbidden or file storage of any nature (music, video, whole or excerpt book, software, TV program, images, excerpts from other sites, etc.), which is protected by Copyright Laws, even if or file file has a fundamental role in the functioning or composition of the website content, there is no permission for use and / or disclosure released by the copyright holder.

• 5.1.4. The number of domains that can be hosted is not subject to a limitation in their number, as long as all hosted domains are registered in the name of the person responsible (contracting) for the plan.

• 5.1.5. It is not allowed to use hosting to “mirror” other sites, as well as the “masking” of url / external links.

• 5.1.6. Do not archive email messages for more than 1 year (365 days).

5.2. E-mail

We have a security mechanism in our Server, whereby if within a period of 1 hour 10 messages fail or are refused, from the next sending the messages are returned. Thus, for example, incorrect addresses, greylisting, or other situations that prevent a message from being delivered, will cause that once it occurs 10 times within an hour, it will cause the rest of the messages to be returned within that same hour. the period of 1 (one) hour and carry out the shipments again.

The e-mail service, like all other server services, is in a shared environment, which means that you and several other users who are hosted on the same server make use of e-mail. Therefore, it is necessary to establish rules for the rational and democratic use of the service, so that everyone can enjoy it under appropriate conditions and with satisfactory performance.

If you do not use the service in a manner consistent with your proposal, respecting limits and principles, it will not work in the desired and necessary way for other users and, like you, everyone expects and has the right to use it under ideal conditions.

The e-mail service in shared hosting plans is an accessory service, since the main “product” is the hosting of websites and for this purpose, our servers are configured. Misuse or misuse directly affects the server and the sites hosted on it, as well as the service itself for other users. Therefore, the e-mail service is exclusively intended for daily sending. What is it? These are the messages that result from the daily life of a company or professional, such as sending quotes, responses, exchanging files, personal or business communication, consultations, etc. Submissions for many people, who deal with the same subject as newsletters, email marketing, promotions, disclosures, communications, are considered mass submissions and are not allowed.

Therefore, they follow good practices recommended in the use of the service, as well as restrictions that we want you not to ignore, so that we do not have to restrict your use of the services:

All e-mail sending will have to be respected in terms of sending quantities, we have as a policy the amount of up to 200 e-mails per hour for each “Client” domain account, that is, each domain (example: www.example. com.br) may not exceed 200 e-mails sent per hour divided into all e-mail addresses within the domain (example: so-and-so@example.com).
The use of e-mails has as main focus the Human use so the amount that a Human can send e-mails for sending and receiving information will not have any problem. Therefore, from the moment it is sent via mass e-mails, it is no longer for Human use.

Good habits

• 5.2.1. Do not set up automatic replies for all accounts, especially accounts that receive large volumes of spam or Email marketing, as this type of sending generally does not have a valid or active reply address.

• 5.2.2. Do not use the email service to forward content to large numbers of people.

• 5.2.3. Avoid addressing the same message to many recipients. Our addressing limit is 25 e-mail addresses, which is sufficient for every situation. If you need to send a message to more people, you certainly need another type of service.

• 5.2.4. Receipt and receipt confirmations are resources that should be used with moderation and common sense and, above all, when absolutely necessary. An automatic confirmation of receipt and a read confirmation, means 2 shipments of your quota. If it is not essential for the account in question, disable them.

• 5.2.5. Chains, lists, groups are not appropriate for this type of service, especially when dealing with a business or professional address. Book this type of email to your personal address.

• 5.2.6. Do not set up a domain email account as a return-path or reply-to (reply to) for very large external campaigns, otherwise the service and even your account will be jammed.

• 5.2.7. Always set up email accounts only through our tutorials, strictly following the settings indicated.

• 5.2.8. Guide all domain users on good practices.


• 5.2.9. The use of e-mail services for sending mass e-mail (Newsletter, communications, electronic newsletters, lists, e-mail marketing, promotions, disclosures, etc.) is not authorized, under any justification and at any frequency of sending .

• 5.2.10. The installation and use of mass mailing systems (Interspire, eMarketeer, PHP-Mailer, etc.) is not allowed. If identified, the folder in which it is installed may be blocked or the system removed or the hosting account will be subject to suspension.

• 5.2.11. Own shipping systems integrated or not to the site are also not allowed.

• 5.2.12. Resources for shipments of Nfe's, borderos, dispatches or similar, that send above 5% of the quota per hour of the account and / or with high frequency (daily), are not allowed. In these cases, one should consult the Sales Department to study a personalized plan.

• 5.2.13. Sites that use forms or any signature system with automatic response, without protection mechanisms such as captcha or equivalent, are not allowed and are subject to blocking or even suspension, in the event of exploitation with consequent massive shipments.

• 5.2.14. Sending SPAM, which is not synonymous with mass sending, is not allowed and is considered a very serious infraction. In general, any submission that does not meet 100% of CAPEM's requirements (www.capem.org.br), is classified as spam.

• 5.2.15. It is not allowed to offer, sell, rent or any form of assignment of mailing lists or mass mailing systems, using the domains hosted on our servers.

• 5.2.16. The e-mail service cannot be used for relay and can only be sent via e-mail accounts that are hosted on our servers (use our DNSs). Any submission per domain hosted by other providers is classifiable as a very serious infraction and subject to severe restrictions.

• 5.2.17. Concentrating a large volume of shipments in a short time is not allowed. Therefore, the sending of 10 (ten) or more messages in the interval of 1 (one) minute, by the same user, will be considered mass sending and subject to the application of the corresponding penalties.

• 5.2.18. The storage limit for an email account cannot exceed 1GB and each message contained in the account must not be stored for more than 1 year.

Non-compliance with email policy

Failure to comply with “good practices” does not constitute an infraction, as long as there is no impact on the shared environment. If this occurs, the preventive measures and penalties listed below may be applied, according to the degree of commitment of the service or the consequences for other users.

In the case of violations of the email policy, the following measures, restrictions or penalties may apply:

• 5.2.19. Written communication, opened by the Abuse Department, using the so-called Help Desk system.

• 5.2.20. Password change for e-mail account and cPanel.

• 5.2.21. Lowering the domain / hosting account shipping quota.

• 5.2.22. Blocking the e-mail account for a minimum period stipulated in an appropriate call.

• 5.2.23. Suspension of the hosting account for a minimum period stipulated in the appropriate call.

6. Domain register

The registration of national or international domains has rules and particularities due to the registration being granted by third parties. For every domain registration, the following apply:

• 6.1. Domain is a concession and therefore, registration does not guarantee ownership of it. Annual renewal is required to extend the concession. Failure to pay annual renewals will result in the loss of the concession.

• 6.2. An expired domain will be free for a new registration and can be registered by anyone else.

• 6.3. The registration of a domain is subject to its availability with the agency that grants the concession.

• 6.4. After registering a domain, its spelling cannot be changed.

• 6.5. Make sure to fill in the domain correctly, which will be registered in the corresponding form on our website, since the domain will be registered exactly according to the spelling you use. The Creation Group is not responsible if you type the domain incorrectly.

• 6.6. A domain that is different from another by just one letter, is another domain and requires a new registration.

• 6.7. Domain registration promotions are linked to hiring hosting plans and canceling the hosting plan automatically cancels the promotion.

• 6.8. Domains registered for free as a result of contracting hosting plans, will have their full value discounted in case of cancellation of the contracted plan to which it is linked and with eventual return of values ​​of the canceled hosting plan, following the rules for cancellations of other services.

• 6.9. If you eventually opt for hosting plans on a periodic basis that gives the first free annual fee for a domain registration, it is necessary to order the domain registration in question, together with the hosting plan. Just making the option of the plan that gives such right, does not necessarily imply the registration of the corresponding domain.

• 6.10. The renewal amount for the domain registration can be changed according to the amounts charged by the entity that grants it and according to the exchange variation, in the case of international domains.

• 6.11. The Creation Group has no responsibility for the freezing of domains registered by it, when the reason is technical or administrative of the entity that grants the registration.

• 6.12. The impossibility of renewing the domain registration due to the non-payment of the renewal fee by the client, exempts Grupo Criação from responsibility for any type of loss or damage resulting from the loss of the domain concession.

• 6.13. After the domain expires, it may be lost. In some cases, it is possible to recover it for a restoration fee, which varies according to the extent. Consult the Sales Department to know the values.

Particularities of national domains (.br):

• 6.14. The transfer of a domain name is an administrative procedure of Registro.br and follows its rules / conditions. The Creation Group has no responsibility for such a procedure.

• 6.15. Prazos para publicação de DNSs, congelamento e reativação, são determinados pelo registro.br.

• 6.16. The use of the Administrative ID of the Creation Group for the registration of a domain with the Registro.br does not make the Creation Group the owner of the domain concession, but only its administrator before the entity.

• 6.17. Under the entity's own rules, there is no possibility to protect the domain registration data.

Particularities of international domains:

• 6.18. The whois data for a domain is provided by the respective granting bodies. The concealment of such data - when possible - will occur at an annual fee. Consult the Sales Department for the values ​​for each domain / extension.

• 6.19. Failure to pay the renewal fee for an international domain until its expiration day results in a freeze on the exact expiration day. Therefore, we will advance the due date of the invoice in 3 days with the Creation Group so that the domain can be renewed.

• 6.20. The rules for transferring the holder of international domains - when possible - are stipulated by each registration body and, therefore, one must consult the necessary procedure for each domain extension, with the Sales Department.

7. Backup

Grupo Criação maintains a remote backup system for the Sites (in another datacenter), through which we back up our Sites,

• 7.1. The user is responsible for maintaining up-to-date backups of all data (website, e-mails, databases, etc.).

• 7.2. Some plans may be entitled to a free monthly amount of restorations, however, the accuracy or availability of the data to be restored is not guaranteed and in this case, it is just one more point of prevention.

• 7.3. There is the possibility of using our backup system to restore some lost data for plans that do not offer backup restorations, however this will occur by paying a one-time fee in the amount of R $ 50.00 for restoring files, directories or bank of data. For complete account restoration, including your settings, the cost will be R $ 150.00. However, the accuracy or availability of the data to be restored is not guaranteed and in this case, it is just one more point of prevention. The responsibility mentioned in the above topic "7.1." Remains with the user.

• 7.4. The period covered by the backup is the last 7 (SEVEN) days. Therefore, it is not possible to request restoration of lost data prior to seven days from the date of the request.

• 7.5. The backup is performed once a day and, therefore, the content eventually restored refers to that which existed in the account at the time (date and time) when it was generated. There is no backup generated by time.

• 7.6. The accuracy of the restoration of backups generated on servers of other providers is not the responsibility of the Creation Group.

• 7.7. A backup tool is available in the hosting accounts cPanel, whose conditions of use follow:

-The tool is only operational between 22:00 and 06:00;

-The backup generated via cPanel must be downloaded and stored in a safe place, no later than 48 hours after it has been generated. Backups with a generation date greater than 48 hours will be removed without prior notice from the server;

-It is not allowed to store backups of any kind and under any justification in the hosting accounts, except for the period provided for in item "7.7. - b.";

-The backup produced by cPanel is intended for restoration on other servers that also make use of cPanel. Its restoration in other systems, does not offer guarantee of accuracy or functioning;

-The files, e-mails and database can also be backed up manually and at any time using the tools available in cPanel or FTP programs;

-Restoring backup generated on our servers, on third party servers, is not supported;

• 7.8. Importing a database backup via phpMyAdmin is restricted to the 100MB limit. Above this value, the technician responsible for the site must dismember the database in smaller banks up to the limit mentioned or use remote access tools for total import. Such a procedure is not covered by the support

8. Safety

Direct hosting and reseller hosting plans are on shared servers, which means that your account is hosted with several other accounts, which use the same email service, databases, FTP and all other services of servers, all under a range of IPs. Therefore, everything that happens in the shared environment directly or indirectly affects all accounts hosted there, in a similar way to the residents of a condominium that use the common area items and, for this reason, among others, the security aspects are very important.

Account and server security situations and responsibilities:

• 8.1. The user who causes the blocking of the server's IP, either by direct actions or by negligence to any of the security protocols required to use the services, may be held responsible for adopting the necessary remedial measures resulting from the block. The following are some direct or indirect actions that may cause the IP or server to be blocked and that may cause the person responsible to take measures to correct the problem and compensate for losses:

-Bulk submissions (newsletters, communications, email marketing, promotions, disclosures, distribution lists, etc.);

-Sending SPAM;

-Phishing, whether voluntary or due to a lack of corrective / preventive actions, such as not adopting secure passwords and using tools to ensure that the account access device is free of malware;

-Refuse to prove that account access devices are secure;

-Access the server's resources (e-mail, FTP, cPanel, ssh, etc.) through networks or devices whose security cannot be guaranteed (ex: lanhouse or open / public Wi-Fi);

-Use of passwords with low security standards or use the same password for different resources (ftp, cPanel, e-mail, etc.);

-Provide your access data to third parties;

• 8.2. Blocking the IP of the mentioned server and in the conditions of the topic, will result in a fine of R $ 300.00 applied to the account that causes the block.

• 8.3. It is the user's responsibility to use secure passwords for all types of account access. So always use complex passwords, combining upper and lower case letters, numbers and special characters. A good password must be at least 8 (eight) characters, but 14 (fourteen) is recommended.

• 8.4. Whenever it is absolutely necessary to provide your password to third parties, such as our support team, use a temporary password or change it after use.

• 8.5. Be careful when accessing any resource that requires a password (email, cPanel, FTP, etc.) on devices (computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.) whose security you cannot guarantee, such as in a lanhouse, friends' computers or on Wi networks -Fi public.

• 8.6. Keep in mind that every device is subject to being compromised by malware (trojans, spyware, worns, etc.) and therefore, often use good antimalware tools to monitor and scan for threats, as many of them are capable of Password “theft”, which can be “just” from your email account, but can also be from your credit card or Internet Banking.

• 8.7. Currently it is common for sites based on free and open source CMSs. Many of them have dozens and in some cases, hundreds of security flaws that allow different levels of hacking or exploitation of the account, for example, to carry out DDoS attacks. It is your responsibility to keep such applications up to date, as well as apply corrections to existing flaws.

• 8.8. In the event that there are no patches for unsafe applications and the account holder is unable to make the necessary correction, vulnerable components or applications should be removed from the account.

• 8.9. Whenever you identify or at least be suspicious of situations that put your account at risk (website, email, databases, etc.), let us know.

• 8.10. If our technical management identifies situations that put the hosting environment at risk, we may apply measures to preserve the server, services and other users, which may include:

-Removing content that could endanger the server or any other aspect provided for in this term;

-Change passwords for email accounts, cPanel, FTP, databases, etc;

-Request means to prove that the computer that has access to the account is free of malware, by providing logs of programs specifically intended for this purpose;

-Update of CMSs;

-Blocking account folders;

-Suspension of the hosting account;

-Lowering of resources;

-Account cancellation;

• 8.11. Technical Support does not cover content created or altered by the user and it is the user's responsibility to adopt all necessary procedures and guarantees to keep it safe according to good programming practices or correct it, when vulnerability or even indications are identified.

• 8.12. Forms, registration systems and administrative area login, must use protection features, such as captcha or equivalent, as well as secure passwords. If there are signs of problems in these aspects, the measures provided for in item "10.10." of this chapter.

• 8.13. Although we work for zero failure rates, technical problems can occur with possible data loss and it is therefore the user's responsibility to keep up-to-date backups of all data present in the account. Our backup systems are primarily intended for our guarantee and data recovery.

• 8.14. If a situation is identified that could put the hosting environment at risk, the Creation Group may update, change or disable server services without prior notice, as it is an emergency situation.

9. Update

Providing domain hosting services and everything related, involves a series of technical aspects and appropriate infrastructure. Like everything related, there are cares and situations that necessarily can or will occur and that are inevitable to guarantee the services:

• 9.1. There are two possibilities regarding the update of our network servers:

-Scheduled: In these cases, the Creation Group will issue a statement addressed to the e-mail in the register. It usually occurs at night or at dawn and on weekends or holidays;

-Emergency: Occurs when software or hardware has flaws or even signs of failure, which require immediate action in order to avoid losing data or jeopardizing the security of the hosting environment. In this case, there is no prior notice and the necessary procedures will be adopted when it is more appropriate to the technical team or necessary;

• 9.2. Usually the Emergency Update is the result of a hardware or software failure. Both situations can be unpredictable and in many cases the correction too and, therefore, the time needed to reestablish services cannot be predicted.

• 9.3. The Update, when requested by the user, will be subject to confirmation as to its need by the technical area and if proven, scheduled according to our availability.

• 9.4. When an Update occurs directly in the datacenter where we host our servers, prior communication will depend on whether it is programmed by the datacenter or on an emergency basis and in this case, it releases us from prior notice.

10. Attendance

Technical Support, Sales and Billing, are provided to assist the user in relation to various aspects in which the user encounters difficulties or has doubts. For this, there are a series of procedures, care and situations that, if observed, make the support more agile and efficient.

• 10.1. The available service channels are the chat, telephone and help desk, with the following hours:

-Chat: Monday to Friday, from 09:00 to 17:00. There is no service on national holidays;

-Telephone: Monday to Friday, from 09:00 to 17:00. There is no service on national holidays;

-Help Desk: Monday to Friday, from 09:00 to 17:00. There is no service on national holidays, responses will be prioritized for emergency issues, such as unavailability of services. Questions that do not imply the functioning of the services, may be answered only in the next working hours;

• 10.2. The available service channels can be changed if necessary or according to demand.

• 10.3. Todos atendimentos são registrados e suas informações mantidas para segurança de ambas as partes – cliente e Grupo Criação – mesmo após o cancelamento de qualquer serviço contratado.

• 10.4. The response time for calls is up to 24 hours for questions of a technical nature, unless the necessary procedures or complexity of the question requires more time or there is a dependence on user information that is not contained in the call.

• 10.5. Failure to comply with the deadline stipulated in the item above, does not result in a fine or penalty of any kind to Grupo Criativo.

• 10.6. The support provided on weekends, holidays and outside business hours, is called Technical Duty and prioritizes issues according to the topic above "10.4.".

• 10.7. The answers are given in order of opening the call. Thus, users who opened calls before you will be answered first, except for emergencies, such as unavailability of services.

• 10.8. When a service is unavailable, check the following points:

-If there is no financial pending associated with the service in question;

-Check that the domain's DNSs are assigned to the Creation Group, published and propagated;

-If the domain is not frozen;

-Check that the DNS zones are correctly configured;

-Whether there is Internet connectivity from the device used;

-Test accessibility through other access points or connections;

• 10.9. Do not open two or more calls on the same subject. Such a procedure increases the service time instead of shortening it. In addition, important information about the issue can be contained in different calls, compromising the efficiency of the solution and the response.

• 10.10. Always provide complete and accurate information. This makes service faster and more accurate.

• 10.11. Try to direct your doubts or difficulties to the correct department. For example, opening a call about payments to Technical Support will take your response longer, since your call will have to be transferred to another department and will enter the end of the service queue.

• 10.12. Before resorting to any of the service channels, always make sure your question is not addressed in one of our tutorials.

• 10.13. In cases where there is an opening of a call by the Creation Group, related to infractions or security issues, the maximum response time is 48 hours. If there is no interaction on your part, it may result in partial or complete suspension of the account.

• 10.14. The service via chat and telephone is intended for simple questions that can be resolved in a few minutes. Events that require more service time and, above all, analyzes and tests, must be dealt with by opening a call at the Help Desk.

• 10.15. Support provided under conditions of exception or courtesy, does not imply further repetition.

• 10.16. If it is identified that any problems with the service are the result of intentional misuse or abusive practice, support may be provided under specific pricing or even terminated.

• 10.17. It is the customer's responsibility to keep their registration updated and, above all, their e-mail address, which is the main means of the Group Creation with the customer. Therefore, in the event of incorrect or outdated data, which prevents our contact with the customer, the Group is automatically exempt from liability.

• 10.18. The customer may be asked to provide additional information in order to confirm the identity of the person responsible for the account and mainly to analyze any reported problems. When this occurs, the refusal to provide such data will imply the end of support.

• 10.19. Address our attendants in an appropriate manner, using simple language, participatory posture, respecting the rules of education and respect for others. The use of crude or vulgar expressions and even the lack of respect, may result in interruption of service.

11. Technical support

Technical Support is able to help you in a wide range of situations, as long as they are strictly related to the service we offer. It is important to know how to distinguish between support assignments and which ones you should seek outside assistance or act on your own.

• 11.1. They are covered by the technical support of Grupo Criação and their duties are:

-Ensure the proper functioning of the tools that make up the hosting service, such as the features of cPanel (control panel) or Apache (service for displaying web pages);

-Perform procedures on the server to which the user does not have access, such as, for example, personalization of certain DNS zones. In this specific case, when referring to external services, the necessary information must be provided by the support of the person involved;

-How to use the tools we offer, with the exception of CMSs that are installed via Softaculous, which is nothing more than the automation of the CMS installation process, such as Joomla or Wordpress;

-Configuration of services according to the requirements of the installed applications, noting that it is the user's responsibility to inform such requirements and provided that it does not require the installation of services that are not part of the standard services of our shared servers;

-Provide information about features and configurations of services that are part of the servers;

-Account migration, as long as the necessary technical conditions are observed for the effective migration and collection of amounts previously informed for the procedure, when applicable;

-Clarification of doubts regarding the characteristics and functioning of the services and the server;

-Verification and correction of eventual errors in the services or in their configurations;

• 11.2. It is not covered by the support:

-Evaluation, correction or alteration of third party code / programming;

-Support for installation, use or configuration of services that are part of the plans, such as, for example, webmail system;

-Analysis of website error logs;

-Correction of security problems in CMSs or other third party tools;

-Removal of content resulting from invasion;

-Remote access to user's device, for configuration or identification of local problems;

-Provision of server logs. Its use can be made by our team when we believe it is relevant to solve a certain occurrence, or to clarify doubts or as a testimony of infraction;

-Ensure the integrity of data resulting from account migration from another provider;

-Correct or reconfigure accounts and associated services, when the account owner provides access data to third parties, who have provenly changed the service standards;

-Provide support for software or applications on the user's computer or other device, necessary to access or use hosting services;

12. Specials

By nature, promotions are temporary, so some important points about promotional services need to be highlighted.

• 12.1. The Creation Group can, at any time, with or without prior notice, interrupt promotions, as well as change payment terms and conditions.

• 12.2. Services and values ​​that are not included in our website, cannot be contracted under previous values ​​and conditions.

• 12.3. Each user / register can enjoy only one promotional package, unless the conditions of the current promotion determine otherwise.

• 12.4. Users of old plans - which are no longer on our site - may be asked to upgrade to any of the plans in effect at the time of server migration, upgrade of plan features or depletion of used resources.

• 12.5. Free services, linked to services that have been purchased, may be charged in the future.

• 12.6. All free services will be automatically stopped when the paid service to which you are associated is canceled.

• 12.7. Free promotions and services are non-transferable, that is, they apply only to the user who originally had such benefit.

13. Billing and Payments

The availability of contracted services is only possible by updating a series of infrastructure items that Grupo Criação has updated and offers at a very competitive cost. Therefore, to avoid interruption of services or even their cancellation, with possible loss of data, it is recommended to be aware of related financial issues.

• 13.1. Payments for services are recurring and are automatically renewed, as long as the client or the creation group does not manifest otherwise.

• 13.2. Payments occur in frequency according to the option that is made at the time of hiring and which can be: monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, annual, biennial or triennial.

• 13.3. The service fees may be adjusted according to market conditions, such as inflation, exchange rate variations, taxation and changes in the policies or commercial conditions of our suppliers. Whenever it occurs, the Creation Group will communicate in advance by e-mail, forwarding to the address on your registration.

• 13.4. In cases where there is an option for payment by credit card, due to the impossibility of debit, for any reason, the system will automatically issue a payment slip, which will be sent by e-mail to the address on your registration.

• 13.5. When the payment method chosen is boleto bancário, it will be forwarded by e-mail to the address on your registration.

• 13.6. As a result of the above topics "13.3.", "13.4." and "13.5.", it is essential to keep your email address up to date and preferably using an account that is not linked to the hosted domain.

• 13.7. Delinquency for a period equal to or greater than 10 days will result in suspension of services. If the period is longer than 30 days, the account will be subject to cancellation.

• 13.8. In the event of there being two or more payments pending, the settlement of the last one, does not give discharge to previous debts.

• 13.9. Late payments are subject to an increase in fines and interest.

• 13.10. The issuance of a duplicate slip that has been lost or not received may result in the reactivation of a suspended account, as long as there is no more than one pending payment.

• 13.11. Reactivation of suspended services occurs within 24 hours from the confirmation of payment.

• 13.12. The domain registration and renewal service is only effective upon confirmation of payment by the financial institution.

• 13.13. If necessary or in the interest of the client to change the maturity dates, the pro-rata amount calculated between the previous and the new maturity day will be added and charged at the next maturity.

• 13.14. The suspension of services for default, does not exempt from payment the days when the services are suspended.

14. Cancelamento

Grupo Criação may terminate any services immediately, without prior notice and consequently terminate this contract, if it is found that there is a violation of the legislation or a situation of abuse of the services that causes losses of any nature to other users who share the server, network and / or infrastructure.

The customer can at any time request the cancellation of any contracted service, with the following reservations and observations.

• 14.1. There are specific rules for registering domains, which must be observed and which prevail over the cancellation conditions provided for here.

• 14.2. The cancellation must be made through the appropriate form contained on our website or through the Customer Center using the option intended for this purpose.

• 14.3. There is no return of values ​​for registration of national or international domains.

• 14.5. The cancellation of any services, whether at the request of the client or the creation group, does not invalidate or settle debts prior to the cancellation.

• 14.6. The non-use of the contracted services by the client does not imply automatic cancellation nor does it exempt him from paying the amounts on the dates corresponding to the contract.

• 14.7. The cancellation may be made unilaterally by Grupo Criação, if the client or the content hosted by it, damages any point of the Brazilian Constitution, the Civil Code or poses a threat to Grupo Criação or the clients.

• 14.8. In the case of hiring accommodation from the quarterly periodicity, with the cancellation 45 days after hiring and before the end of the contracted period, there will be a refund of 30% of the amount referring to the days or months that will not be used. The refund will be made through deposit, transfer or DOC to an account in the same name as the registration within a maximum period of 7 working days after confirmation of cancellation.

• 14.9. After confirming the cancellation of the services, all data on the account are removed immediately. Therefore, it is the customer's responsibility to back up all their data, prior to the cancellation request.

• 14.10. The recovery of data removed after cancellation, can be done through technical consultation and is possible, for a single fee of R $ 500.00.

• 14.11. Delinquency for a period equal to or greater than 30 days, will result in automatic cancellation of the service linked to the pending payment, with no possibility of data recovery, except if noted in the above topic "14.10.".

15. Discontinuity of Services

Grupo Criação makes efforts to maintain a wide range of services covering various aspects of the Internet, however, reserves the right to interrupt the provision of services due to the following items.

• 15.1. Technical impediment that causes difficulties in the provision of such services.

• 15.2. Commercial unfeasibility that prevents maintaining a profitable service.

• 15.3. Low demand or lack of interest in a given offer.

• 15.4. High services update capabilities.

Therefore, at any time, without prior notice, if a particular service is not accessible for any of the reasons listed, its supply may be interrupted, without the need to supply an equivalent and without prejudice to reimbursement or compensation for losses of any kind. nature.

16. Third Party Services

The provision of services originating from third parties, that is, created and maintained by other companies, such as cPanel, Webmail (RoundCube, Horde, etc.), Apache, MySQL, etc., as well as the support associated with them, is covered by Creation Group according to some aspects, as follows.

• 16.1. Whenever security issues require, we will update the services to the latest stable version available, without prior notice.

• 16.2. We do not downgrade any service installed on the server. When necessary and when possible, the account can be migrated to a server with an earlier version.

• 16.3. Bugs or any type of failure in third party services, will be corrected by the developer / maintainer of the service, within a period determined by him for this purpose.

• 16.4. Some services have automatic updates, which can occur without notice, especially when they involve security aspects.

• 16.5. The removal of the resource or the inclusion of a new one on the part of the developer of the service is the sole responsibility of the developer and the Grupo Criativo cannot interfere.

• 16.6. Adjustments to the website, settings or programming resulting from updates to any of the services the website uses are the sole responsibility of the user.

• 16.7. The discontinuation of any feature of previous versions of cPanel or services (MySQL, PHP, etc.) is not covered by support and depends exclusively on the companies that develop and maintain the respective features.

• 16.8. The Creation Group is not obliged to configure the services contained in shared servers (PHP, MySQL, cPanel, Exim, etc.) differently from the server's standard. As it is a shared environment, we privilege the service of most users and security.

• 16.9. Grupo Criação will not be responsible for losses and damages of any nature caused to the customer, as a result of failures in third party software / services present on the server.

• 16.10. Features such as Softaculous may no longer be provided or the items that integrate it may be removed without notice, however, keeping everything that has already been installed in the account.

• 16.11. Support is not provided for using third-party applications, such as Wordpress or Joomla. The support's role is only to guarantee its functioning.

• 16.12. The provision of information about settings or requirements for installing or operating any application (Wordpress, Joomla, Magento, etc.) is the responsibility of the support of the respective developer of the application.

17. Disclaimer of Warranties and Warranties

The purpose of this chapter is to list the aspects, which you declare to be aware of and tacitly agree to when contracting any services of the Group Creation. Therefore, they follow the respective ones who declare that they are aware and agree.

• 17.1. No information contained on the Group Creation website or services contracted through it, can be responsible for any direct or indirect damage and that its use is done at your own risk.

• 17.2. Grupo Creation, its managers, collaborators and suppliers, have no responsibility for the content that it hosts on our servers, which is its entire responsibility, regardless of the nature and approach given to it.

• 17.3. That the option of contracting services on our website is voluntary, individual and conscious and in doing so you are aware of and agree with all the implications that this represents.

• 17.4. The eventual failures, inaccuracies and temporary unavailability of services cannot fall under the responsibility of Grupo Criativa as to losses and damages of any nature.

• 17.5. Has knowledge of all the points covered in this service provision term, agrees with the obligations, rights, sanctions and penalties provided for therein and that in the event of non-compliance with any point by the client / user, is willing to bear the burden resulting from such non-compliance.

• 17.6. Grupo Criação, its managers, employees and suppliers do not offer guarantees regarding the return on investment, profit, labor employed, disclosure and "popularity" of the website hosted on our servers and that all actions linked to generate return to the respective website are the sole responsibility of the customer / user

• 17.7. The reputation of the site, its visitation and its consistency in search engines such as Google or Bing or equivalent, is not the responsibility of Grupo Criação or the services it sells.

• 17.8. There is no guarantee of exchanging e-mails (sending or receiving) domains hosted on the servers of Grupo Criação and domains hosted by other companies, due to problems, limitations, policies or blockages that may occur on the servers involved.

• 17.9. The impossibility or lack of knowledge or any other impediment other than the correct functioning of the services for the creation, alteration or correction of websites hosted on our servers, does not imply any responsibilities of any kind to Grupo Criação, its managers, employees and suppliers.

18. Legislation

All content of hosting accounts is subject to full compliance with the Constitution of the Federative Republic of Brazil, as well as the Civil Code. Therefore, content or actions that are not allowed.

• 18.1. Promote racism, homophobia, terrorism or pedophilia in any form and degree.

• 18.2. They threaten individual or collective guarantees or rights.

• 18.3. Contain information or any type of subsidy for hacking or piracy.

• 18.4. Have material protected by national or international copyright laws, or laws that protect intellectual property, unless there is documentation that allows its use / disclosure.

• 18.5. Use of brands or content of Marketing of registered trademarks in national or foreign territory, provided the use is by the brand owner.

• 18.6. Infringement of any of the terms contained in the Marco Civil da Internet.

It is also important to note that every account is subject to suspension or intervention that is determined by a lawsuit. Any and all account data and related logs may be provided if the court so determines.