Our websites are ideal for you who want to innovate and get your business online, thus taking advantage of all the benefits that the internet can bring. On your website you can gain more visibility and also bring a closer relationship with your customers, being able to explain more about your company, mission, products/services, contacts and more.

  • High Quality Websites

    We always use the latest technologies on the market, thus ensuring your website is always up to date and up to date.

  • Leading Technologies

    With a team that is always up-to-date and modern and up-to-date equipment, we guarantee the need for your website.

  • Recurring updates

    We have a team prepared to keep the site always up to date and using the latest technologies.

  • Specialized technical support

    We have a team of experts to assist in all matters of our products and services.


WebSites compatible with all devices

  • HTML 5 sites

    We develop websites with technology for PCs, Tablets and Cells.

  • CSS 3 Sites

    Interactive and dynamic sites that make your website look perfect.

  • Forms in PHP

    Interactive and dynamic sites that make your website look perfect.

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Benefits of having your website with us!

See some benefits of having your website with Criazi Sites

General Public View

A modern and tuned institution that meets the needs of its audience.

Customer View

Browse and find your company's products/services efficiently and clearly.

Academic Vision

Appreciating the deep learning and continuous evolution in studies.

Company View

Best placement of the Company to the online media and better presentation of its products and services.

Partner View

Attentive institution willing to help through the service and support channels.

View of Employees

Impressive dedication and unity for the development of the Team as a whole.


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